Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Blind Side

Not a bad book. A lot of football description (very technical) which I surprised myself by liking. I also, of course, love the idea of the kid with no support and a spotty background making it in the big time... Michael Oher's story is definitely one that I would love to see happen to more inner-city kids.

Maybe it's because I am a foster parent, but I didn't see what the Touhy's did as a big sacrifice, and I couldn't help but wonder if some of the doubters (who thought they mentored Michael so he could play football for Ole Miss) were on to something. I don't REALLY believe that, but it is an interesting angle.

Will probably watch the movie now. If I can suffer through what previews suggest is a VERY annoying accent on the part of Sandra Bullock.

Spa Vacation (Theresa Alan)

Did not love this book. It was fine, but even as chick lit goes, it disappointed. Boring (for the most part) one dimensional characters. Very stilted dialog. I felt like it was more a senior project than a professionally authored book.

On the bright side, books like this make me think I may someday realize my vision of authoring a light hearted book.