Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Son of a Witch (Geoffrey Maguire)

This book is, of course, the sequel to Wicked, which (apparently) it's been much too long since I've read. I enjoyed the novel like I enjoy any of this sort - I love it when authors attempt to extend / recreate / retell a classic story.

I'm going to be honest - I had a bit of a hard time following this one. I'm not sure why - the predominance of made up cities and names might have a lot to do with it, combined with the fact that this story takes place totally out of my frame of reference - the events of Wicked ended at roughly the end of the Wizard of Oz.

Interesting themes here regarding masks and hiding who we are. Didn't really get them all, but such is life. I blame the pain killers from my ankle surgery.

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