Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quiverfull (Kathryn Joyce)

Holy crap, this is the scariest book I've read in quite some time! Steven King's got nothing on this stuff because it's actually true and happening to real people.

This book details the rise of the Christian Patriarchy movement, who at its most conservative advocates a return to an agrarian lifestyle, with families being the main unit of economic output and villages of families being ruled by local churches. But not just any churches - rigidly conservative, far right, Christian churches. In some ways, far-right isn't *really* the right word because ultimately these sects see no use for the state.

Or for women like me and all other women I know. I supposed I am the ultimate Jezebel, having not only adapted feminist ways but also having usurped my husband's role as provider.

The book is thoughtfully written - Joyce tackles the phenomenon seriously, tracing its roots through history and catologing its resurgence as largely a backlash against modern society. The women in the book are portrayed intelligently - and with as many facets as the men in their life will allow them to have (or show).

I really think this should be required reading for any woman who is not part of the movement. And maybe even those that are.

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