Monday, May 24, 2010

Trouble (Kate Christensen)

I've never read any of her books before and didn't seek this one out - I just saw it on a display shelf at the library and grabbed it to read.

I thought the book was OK. I loved the descriptions of Mexico City, save the bullfight which just grossed me out, but the main character was a little too, blase, for my tastes. For instance, at said bullfight, she totally dismissed whatever squeamishness she has about the event with the rationalization that it would have happened whether she was there or not.

Beyond that though, the novel is interesting. It had a shocking opening, with the main character looking at herself in the mirror and realizing that she needed to leave her loveless marriage. Interesting, but bizarre.

The other thing that seemed weird was how easily everything was resolved. The book isn't neat by any means, but Josie finds is simple to step out of her marriage, simple to deal with the entanglements and ultimately tragedy that is her trip to Mexico and even deals with her massive estrangement from her daughter in a relatively simplistic manner. But maybe this is just an extension of the blase remark above.

In any event, it's a quick read and the lot is interesting. I just didn't love the characters.

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