Monday, July 20, 2009

Columbine (Dave Cullen)

I'm not a big non-fiction fan, but I really enjoyed this book. It's a factual account framed within a journalist's own account of telling the story of Columbine. It's an interesting take on how the media both reported and influenced the creation of the "story" of Columbine, with great accounts of how the individuals in the community experienced the shooting and its aftermath.

I was really surprised by how "wrong" I was about Columbine - that is how many of the myths I'd taken for granted as true. I remember watching it unfold on live TV - it's one of those "flashbulb" memories that I'm not entirely certain are accurate but that I hold just the same. I was babysitting at my early morning gig while a college student at OWU. Bizarrely, though that's the only moment I can remember. Weird. Plus I think it's incorrect because they would be EARLIER than us on time and I was only babysitting from like 6 - 9 am or something.

Anyway, the book is good and left me wanting more. I have reserved a few other books on the tragedy. Not sure what my fascination with it was.

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