Monday, June 29, 2009

Perfect Match (Jodi Piccoult)

Read this one on the plane on the way to Baton Rouge. Pretty good. Interesting, but again, mostly dislikable, main character. Overall, B+

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Handle with Care (Jodi Piccoult)

So, I had a *really* hard time with the main character of this book. Not necessarily because of her decision to pursue a controversial lawsuit. More because there was just no realistic understanding of what would actually happen when said lawsuit was filed and came to court. It was strange... I mean, I could imagine doing a similar thing, in similar circumstances. But then again, I can't imagine doing it if my child could understand.

I really loved the first couple of Piccoult books I read, but it's starting to feel formulaic. Controversial issue. Somewhat incomplete moral picture of said issue and somewhere along the line, at least in all the books I've read, a kid dies. And, while I initially liked some of the pithy quotes in her books, it seems like this book was loaded with lines like that, just for the sake of them.

Still better than average book I pick up, but I think I need a Piccoult break... Overall grade C / C-

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Elements of Style (Wendy Wasserstein)

This is the first Wendy Wasserstein I've read and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. Yet another audiobook where I wish I had read the book, I thought that Wasserstein was so wonderfully, delicately, and hysteriously scathing in this book.... Thoroughly enjoyed most of it and really thought it was an interesting portrait of what happens when people who are VERY used to being in control of their lives suddenly come upon something they can't control.

Also, the first fiction I've read that really tackles New York's reaction to September 11.

I will definitely be checking out some of her plays.

Overall: A

Good Luck (Whitney Gaskell)

Was just OK. May be burning out on the chick lit genre. We'll see. This book was just so cliche. Woman wins lottery on a really crappy day - probably crappier than many of us will ever have. Escapes, becomes a palm beach princess. Then finds out that her financial advisor's warning to "Be Careful Who You Trust" is actually a good one.

I don't know. Just blah. What I like about most chick lit is the wittiness and the feeling that they are partially poking fun at themselves. Didn't get that with this one.

Overall C-/D.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Likeness (Tana French)

Wow. I had a hard time getting into this book because I loved The Woods and was expecting a more traditional sequel / series set up. But the character who told the first story is almost entirely absent from this story, which instead focuses on the experience of his partner, working another, unrelated case.

Again, the writing is tight and the level of suspense is great. V. well written with an unusual voice that I don't hear in a lot of modern fiction. Had some interesting things to say about modern society and where it's headed, but equally interesting things to say about one messed up way to try to fight that tide.

The end of this book, like the first I read was not clean and tied up. French constantly forces us to think about our usual good / bad dichotomy, but in a subtle way.

Loved it. Overall grade: A