Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Certain Prey (John Sandford)

Another Lucas Davenport book, and I think, one of the better ones. I really think it would have been cheaper to buy this book, probably in hardcover because it was *so* overdue at the library but I finally finished it up in the bathtub this morning - I know, more than you needed to know.

I thought some of the foreshadowing in this book was a little heavy handed, but maybe I am just v. used to the rhythm of these books. Overall, a 3-4, which I'll take any day.

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Cherry said...

This is my first Sandford novel and I thought it was absolutely great. I finished the book in an afternoon. I actually switched off the tube and if you know me, that's quite a feat. I can't wait to check out another Sandford from the library. Curious if he keeps it going. Loved the ending and the protagonists especially the "bad girl" Clara/Patricia. Was actually rooting for her throughout the book.