Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nineteen Minutes (Jodi Piccoult)

So hard to write about Jodi Piccoult's books... they are all so good but they are also so well written that I don't want to give away any details. This is an amazing exploration of high school life and parental reaction to tragedy. I love the Piccoult's parents are always so believable - never perfect, always realistic with flaws and all. 

This book also contains some interesting-to-me discussions of research in psychology and behavioral economics and some great insights into group dynamics, especially adolescent peer groups.

Anyway, really enjoyed and pulled some quotes I liked - Overall A.

Great quotes from this book:
  • Children didn't make their own mistakes. They plunged into the pits they'd been led to by their parents.
  • You could lose track of someone when you blinked...
  • Peope were happiest when they were very young and very old. The trough came, roughly, when you hit your forties.
  • Somehow Alex had assumed that time was infinite, that Jose would always be there waiting. She never guessed that she herself would one day be left behind.

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