Monday, November 10, 2008

Primal Wound (Nancy Verrier)

As an adoptive mom I think it was my responsibility to read this book. And I want to preface this review with saying that I am glad that I did and I went into it ready to hear about the impact of adoption on my girls and the negatives attached to being adopted. I know full well that adoption is never the best choice for kids and I have very mixed feelings about adoption in general.

That said, this book was not the masterpiece I was hoping for. I've heard people say such great things about it, but to me, it seemed inflammatory and anecdotal, which is definitely one of my least favorite combinations. Do I think that some (or even all adoptees) suffer because they've been separated from their birth families? Yes. Do I believe that one adoptees experience = all adoptees experience? No.

Perhaps I don't know enough about Verrier - maybe she's been in practice with lots of adoptees and this book doesn't demonstrate that. But from my perspective she drew on a handful of experiences to try to classify and describe an experience that a uniquely personal one.

WHich leaves me scratching my head because I don't know what I expected her to do. But whathever it was, this wasn't it.

All that said, I do know that many adoptees connect with her writing and so perhaps she really has hit the nail on the head. I just don't know.

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