Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eyes of Prey (John Sandford)

Third book in the Lucas Davenport series - I'm finding them very addictive. In this one, Lucas is mentally distressed over the Crow killings - they are alluded to but never really explained, so I'm glad I read that book first.

Story of a serial killer who is crazy - and apparently returns next book. He is a drug addict, obsessed with death and dying - to the point of intentionally killing both adults and children to watch them die. He is also obsessed with the eyes - which leads to the title and some pretty alarming murders.

Baby and girlfriend are only tangentially mentioned, though the end of the book hints at more action next time. Speaking of end - I had NO idea what was coming.

Liked it a lot. In fact, I feel like I've liked each book slightly better than the last.

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