Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The First Assistant: A continuing tale from behind the Hollywood Curtain (Mimi Hare)

Of course I like this book - so snarky and I am such a big sucker for sequels / series. I am still trying to figure out where the author actually worked.

I think it's fascinating to get a glimpse of the real life craziness that is Hollywood. I visited there once and loved every minute of it. Of course I could never actually live there - I think I am about 100 lbs heavier than the low would allow :-)

Monday, August 13, 2007

1984 (George Orwell)

It is an injustice that I wasn't forced to read this book earlier in my life. My telescreen should have made me.

Seriously, I really enjoyed this book. PB and I listened to it on audiobook and we were so engrossed that we were looking for reasons to drive around to keep listening. On more than one occassion we stayed in a parking lot or driveway to get to a good breaking point.

I can really comment on the book itself - I'm sure I have nothing left to say that someone else hasn't said before (and much more eloquently). Besides, I need to actually read the book now. I do think the scene in Room 101, which I had heard about before, was one of the most dreadfully compelling things I've ever heard. I cried when he betrayed Julia.

Prep (Curtis Sittenfield)

Ooh, loved this one. Loved it, loved it, loved it. All about a middle class girl made good. She gets into a prestigious prep school on scholarship and the book details all four years at the school.

I think I liked this book because it made you work to sympathize with the main character. It wasn't the typical teenage angst that affects everybody kind of thing - though that definitely figures in. This book more deeply explored the role the protagonist had in creating her own crappy teenage existence, not something that most coming of age books do, or do well.

Main plot is that she attends the school, is an outsider, develops a crush on a boy. Boy starts coming to see her at night and they begin a sexual relationship that never turns into anything more. Girl "accidentally" exposes the upper class privelage at the school in an NYT article, becomes even more of an outcast and graduates. Talks briefly about what happens to them after school.

Forwhatever reason I kept picturing this book as happening at PB's college (Earlham, in Richmond Indiana). Not sure what that's about.