Monday, December 17, 2007

Quickie (James Patterson) - audiobook

This was OK. PB really enjoyed it. I found all of the plot turns to be a bit much. By the time I got to the 10th plot twist (and I'm not exaggerating - I think there are that many) it was almost laughable. The book was fast paced though which is perfect for me to listen to in the car.

Basic plot is that a police detective has an affair with her coworker, who is killed by her husband. The reasons for all of this (the affair, her coworker having the affair and her husband killing the coworker) are all part of the major plot twists.

One thing that really drove me craze about the book was that the main character kept having this big moral crisis about her infidelity - she felt guilty for lying to her husband about the affair even though HE KILLED HER LOVER. Ack. I kept wondering throughout if it was because it was a female character.

Anyway, maybe I didn't like it so much after all. But it was reasonably entertaining, especially when I was in traffic.

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