Monday, October 22, 2007

Queen of Babble in the Big City (Meg Cabot)

I am addicted to recurring characters in books (that's why I loved The Second Assistant and The First Assitant).

This book did not disappoint. As I mentioned earlier, this character cracked me up by not holding back a single thing she was thinking - much like myself and my grandma (from who I apparently inhertied 99% of my genes).

Our character has moved to New York and is living with her boyfriend at the end of the last novel. She is working as a receptionist at a law firm owned by her best friend's boyfriend's father, and she is also working for a bridal dress restoration expert (but unfortunately not being paid). As part of her job at the law firm, she meets a soon to be society maven who currently smells like seals, who is being forced to wear her MIL's hideous gown. You see where this is going... she restores said gown and becomes famous for it. Oh, and along the way, her best friend turns into a lesbian, she realizes her boyfriend is a commitment phobe, loses her job at the law firm and begins dating best friend's (now ex) boyfriend.

My only gripe - the ending was a little too cliffhangerish, with ex boyfriend showing up on the last page, just as the relationship with best friend's ex was about to... ahem... consummate. I have to get the next book now but I would have been pretty pissed if I read this when it first came out. You see, while I like series, I also like instant gratification... hmmm maybe I would appreciate Harry Potter more now.

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