Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Man Without a Country (Kurt Vonnegut)

I heart Kurt Vonnegut. Seriously heart him.

This book is a treatise / memoir / farewell / final / love / letter to his audience / hysterical political rant.

Unfortunately, we listened to it on audio book... PB is not as familiar with his work and didn't know about the illustrations. It was a great diversion on our last trip home though.

He also made some really good points - mostly about how destructive men have been to the earth in a relatively short period of time. I defintiely need to get a copy of the book.

Plus you know, any Bush-hater is a friend of mine.

Confession: Originally the slashes in the second sentence were the word But I thought that word, especially combined with "Bush-hater" might lead to massive amounts of disappointment if people landed here by way of a search of some kind.

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