Friday, July 20, 2007

Less reading, more moping

Apparently, I haven't been up to reading too much lately. Here's what I read in June / July:

VoiceMale (Neil Chethik)
Queen of Babble (Meg Cabot)
2Cool2BeTrue (Simon Brooke)

So I probably should write about VoiceMale. I thought it was quite interesting really, a sociologist writing about men in relationships basically - what they think, how they express themselves, etc. The part of the book I really liked is that he didn't just interview men and draw conclusions. He also conducted a nationally representative phone survey to validate those findings. I really liked that approach giving that I write surveys as my job. LOL.

And yes, I did actually read a book called 2Cool2BeTrue. Isn't that 2dumb2betrue? I picked it up because it looked like typical chit lit fair, written by a man and with a male model as the lead character. It was mildly amusing.

Queen of Babble was pretty enjoyable actually. I liked it because the main character was written in a stream of consciousness-esque style, and sadly enough I had had some of the same thoughts running through my head before. There is a sequel to this book that I will definitely be picking up.

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