Monday, July 23, 2007

What Men Want (Deborah Blumenthal)

So-so. It was a book about a columnist, that was kind of interesting. I really felt disappointed in this book though. There weren't may interesting messages, except for one character that had moved to the wilderness to escape the pace of modern life, even though he was perfectly OK when had to come to the city. There was some commentary on the role of journalism in society, but nothing too earth-shattering.

Honestly, I felt like there were so many characters and stories that a lot got left out... I'm guessing this one was edited way down. End result = so-so.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Cool site

While I tried to find out who the First Assistant was actually about... yes I'm THAT busy at work today, I found this website:

Trashonista: We Read Books Like They're Going Out of Fashion

I really like it and will be checking back to get new book reccs. Because, you know, my list over int he sidebar isn't long enough already.


Less reading, more moping

Apparently, I haven't been up to reading too much lately. Here's what I read in June / July:

VoiceMale (Neil Chethik)
Queen of Babble (Meg Cabot)
2Cool2BeTrue (Simon Brooke)

So I probably should write about VoiceMale. I thought it was quite interesting really, a sociologist writing about men in relationships basically - what they think, how they express themselves, etc. The part of the book I really liked is that he didn't just interview men and draw conclusions. He also conducted a nationally representative phone survey to validate those findings. I really liked that approach giving that I write surveys as my job. LOL.

And yes, I did actually read a book called 2Cool2BeTrue. Isn't that 2dumb2betrue? I picked it up because it looked like typical chit lit fair, written by a man and with a male model as the lead character. It was mildly amusing.

Queen of Babble was pretty enjoyable actually. I liked it because the main character was written in a stream of consciousness-esque style, and sadly enough I had had some of the same thoughts running through my head before. There is a sequel to this book that I will definitely be picking up.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sacred Cut

Don't know who it's by... it's an audiobook PB and I listened to on the way to Chicago to visit with potential e-parents.

It was a long and overwrought crime novel. The voices were funny. It was set in Rome and had something to do with undercover missions. That's pretty much all I remember.