Saturday, March 31, 2007

maneater by gig levangi grazer

Read this book for the online book club over at Tipped Uterus. Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The tone is hysterical and this book has some of the best lines I've ever read. I'll come up with examples and post here later but for now just know the story revolves around a spoiled rich girl living in Hollywood, with one of the foulest mouths ever (that's probably why I liked her). She has several close friends, most of whom kind of seem like bitches. She deliberately targets an up and coming producer who is rolling in the dough, only to find out that she's actually married his incredibly poor best friend posing as said rich boy. Too bad that's after she gets pregnant.

Huh, another motherhood book. Interesting, since I didn't even pick this one. LOL

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