Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lust for Life by Adele Parks

A typical "grass is always greener" tale of two sisters. One is young and carefree, breaks up with her hippie boyfriend to look for more marriageable material and later regrets. The other is a dowdy, stay-at-home mom who turns into a hipper, more fun version of herself when her husband leaves her. Eliza (the free spirit) eventually finds all of those men are dull and boring and returns to the hippy.

Martha (SAHM) has a more interesting journey - she begins wearing Deisel jeans and makes a naked friend named Jack Hope. She realizes she loves him, tells him that, scares him away, gets invited to live in America with him, realizes she can't leave her kids, loses him then swoons when he stays in London at the last minute so that they all presumably live happily ever after.

There are some really funny scenes in the book - Martha throwing wine at her husband is hysterical. And again, all the British dialogue makes me smile.

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