Friday, February 9, 2007

Game Over by Adele Parks

So this book was OK. It’s one of those chick lits that I am fond of as an escape and a way to really tune out and not think. Basic story is girls is a career driven mega-bitch who creates a reality show called Sex with the Ex where people who are about to get married test their fiancés by setting up situations where their old flame tries to tempt them into bed. Then she meets someone who refuses to be on the show and falls in love with him, even though she is uncapable of experiencing love because of abandonment issues regarding her father. She flees the relationship and makes plans to marry her safe best friend, who loves her more than she loves him and is, therefore, not a threat.

Of course, the reality show comes back to bite her in the ass when her fiancé sets her up with… wait for it… the man she is secretly in love with. Good guy assumes she was involved and ditches her. She pines for him and they are eventually (and really abruptly) reunited. The end.

What I dislike about this story is that it confirms the stereotypical picture of women – they can either be competent, powerful and good at their jobs OR they can be warm. They can’t be both. Even though men can be both. Of course, why would I expect chick lit to fight stereotypes? Tee-hee.

I do like the cheeky British humour and slang.

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